Serving the Western New York community and beyond since 1937 when it was first chartered as Mount Saint Joseph Teachers' College, Medaille University was a private, 提供个性化服务的非宗派机构, 以实践性学习经验为主,以多元化的本科学生群体为主, graduate and online students.

During its nearly 100-year history, Medaille University — formerly known as Medaille College — survived many difficult and challenging times, 从第二次世界大战到几次经济衰退和全球流行病. However, in 2023, 由于几个因素,包括入学率下降, outstanding liabilities and other challenges that are affecting colleges and universities across the region, state and nation, Medaille announced it would be closing permanently and that it would not be enrolling students for the fall 2023 semester.

The business realities that led to this extremely difficult decision were accelerated by the pandemic and by skyrocketing inflation that increased the economic burdens for the University. 纽约州西部适龄大学生的人数也一直在减少, making it hard for small private colleges like Medaille without large endowments to maintain enrollment levels. While the University worked tirelessly to establish partnerships and strengthen its financial position, 不幸的是,这些努力并没有产生确保长期生存能力的结果.

Medaille于5月5日举行了最后的毕业典礼, 2023, and officially closed on August 31, 2023. Medaille alumni — totaling over 20,000个人-继续对当地和全球社区产生重大影响, 在未来的岁月里创造一个永恒的遗产.